Empowerment, Heart Conversations Workshop

Conversations From The Heart

Transforming All Your Relationships with Loving Communication

Do you wish you could experience Love and Connection in

All of Your Conversations ...

    and in All of Your Relationships?

Does this sound familiar?

The most empowering thing you could do to change your life is to learn to communicate effectively.

You yearn to connect with others on a deeper level.
You want to communicate in a way that empowers both you and the person you are speaking with as a result of that interaction.

You want to have loving communication that changes how you connect and relate to:

What if you could easily have the experience of speaking from the context of Namaste'?


Honoring the place in another in which the Divine and the Universe dwells . . .

Honoring the place in them which is love, light, truth and peace . . .

When they are in that place in them, and you are in that place in you . . .

You will experience that you are One.

~ Rumi


Imagine what it would be like to create a sense of belonging and deep connection so that the quality of all of your relationships empowers and transforms naturally.

Hi, I'm Kathleen Sims, founder of the Center for Conscious Relationship and Lifetime Love Connection. I am a speaker, teacher, mentor and heart healer. I've broken the code to empowering Soul-based Connections and Loving For No Reason.

I have been very blessed to have been with my SoulMate for 40 years. I am passionate about helping people just like you find their Authentic voice and create loving, Soul-connected relationships.

One thing I know is that relationships are experienced through communication and driven by our current level of consciousness by the quality of our language and our ability to truly listen. By being your Expert Guide, I will teach you an entirely new way of "Being" in your relationships that will transform them naturally.

Dear Seekers,

If life is not turning out equal to you your dreams then consider trying something different. That is what I did. After 30 years of marriage, and on the verge of divorce, I woke up to the realization that I could leave my husband, but I would be taking myself with me, with all my habits, beliefs and behaviors. I realized that if I left him there was the possibility I would create a similar scenario in my life again in the future. I needed something radically different. So I asked a handful of successful and happy friends, if anyone knew of someone who could help me view life differently without all the ineffective psycho-analysis (been there, done that).

That is when I heard about the work of Kathleen Sims. She is not a guru or a person with the answers. She is, however, a person who listens very carefully helps you heal your past and Guides you in techniques of discernment and empowerment.

I have been given new skills and tools that have changed my life for the better. My husband and I both worked with Kathleen one on one and participated in her powerful workshops. My marriage is at a new depth of love and respect. My life is far more balanced and less demanding. And I have lost weight, not by dieting, but by honoring myself in a new way. Now, every day I am grateful, feel happy and very blessed.

So, the question is, "Are you ready to create a life bursting with new possibilities?" Then I highly recommend Kathleen, her Workshops, and working one-on-one with her – and most of all, her powerful ability to hold you in the space of love while guiding and empowering you in transforming your life.

Susan Duling

I'd like to invite you to join me for "Empowerment – Conversations From the Heart". This is a three month program which kicks off with an Intensive Weekend.

During this Intensive you will take home new ways of relating and communicating and:

Empower yourself with the gift of learning how to extend love and deeply connect with everyone. You will experience how heart to heart communication will transform all of your relationships naturally.

This is followed by an 10 week Essential Communication Series which includes thought provoking and very powerful communication exercises, visualizations, and energy transmissions. I'll bring my own Divine connection experiences as well, to accelerate your self-discovery.

When you're done, you'll have the Premiere Owners Manual chockfull of Powerful Tools to create and maintain loving and empowering relationships in your life: with your partner, your friends and yourself!

"I recommend the Empowerment Program highly for people that are ready to make a difference in others' lives. I have noticed that I am more compassionate toward others, I release anger and find forgiveness much easier, I understand that what I put out to the Universe is what I draw to me, therefore I choose to send love all the time.

I feel a sense of inner peace that has never found expression before and I want to serve others in a loving, empathetic way. I feel all of this very deeply after taking the course. Thank you Kathleen for showing me how to fully, and lovingly express myself." – Patti Riley


'Empowerment – Conversations From the Heart', is a 2 Part Program.

"Your task is not to seek love,
but merely to seek
and find all the
barriers within yourself
that you have built
against it."


Weekend Intensive

Friday through Sunday
Dates to be announced.

10-Week Evening Essential Communication Series

Dates to be announced.

Center for Conscious Living
140 Mayhew Way, Suite 200, Pleasant Hill, California

I had been single for 6 years (after a heartbreak at 16) – until I took Kathleen's 'Live Your Vision Weekend Workshop'. My plan was to do a Vision on Manifesting My SoulMate in the class – however, I didn't even have to do that – it was an instantaneous manifestation – right before my very eyes – I walked in and there she was – the woman of my dreams. I felt instantly comfortable – we discovered that weekend we had shared values, interests and favorite activities – and a strong desire to have a loving and healthy, committed relationship. We haven't parted since.

We agreed we wanted to ensure our relationship's success, so we participated together in 'Empowerment – Conversations from the Heart' Intensive Program – and learned how to truly be Authentic even when we were afraid or upset. We left with such powerful Tools that have continued to support us growing as individuals and together. I now know what True Love is and how to maintain it over time. We are both so grateful to Kathleen that we learned all this at such a young age giving us a strong foundation for the evolution of a healthy relationship and a bright future.


Your entire life will be transformed when you find Love in everything you do.

This life changing program is just $797 per person.

Call for further Information: (925) 674-9003

The upcoming dates for the Empowerment & Love Program will be announced soon.

Stay informed! As soon as the Workshop dates are announced, we will send you an email. Just let me know you are interested by sending a quick email to Kathleen Sims.

In the meantime go to www.lifetimeloveconnection.com to receive our audio programs on Soulmate Love and Living A Purposeful Life!! A Gift from our heart to yours!!

Facilitated by Kathleen E. Sims
Certified Relationship and Life Coach
D.D., C.H.T., C.R.C.

Kathleen is the founder of the Center for Conscious Relationship and LifetimeLoveConnection.com, offering revolutionary programs and workshops, teleseminars, audios and books. Her work is mystical, yet practical, and promotes permanent change. She is a sought after speaker, teacher, author, mentor, spiritual healer, and an authority on the Law of Attraction and beyond.

Kathleen answered her Calling and passionately helps others discover their Authentic voice, claim their birthright of living their Soul's Purpose, and manifest True Love that promises to last a lifetime.

Center for Conscious Relationship, serves singles and couples, offering Counseling, Soul Healing Therapy, Coaching and Spiritually-based Transformational Seminars. The Center is located in Pleasant Hill, California.

Call for further Information: (925) 674-9003

p.s. Are your ready to experience True Love beyond anything you've ever experienced before?
My Heart is open to you and I look forward to helping you open yours and connect to the Hearts of others.


Open your Heart and connect to the Heart of others.